Keith Heyward

Director | Cinematographer | Editor
Keith Heyward in Antarctica

I consider myself equal parts scientist and filmmaker. With a Biology degree from Brown University, I have worked as a researcher in labs and in the field. As a filmmaker, I have filmed in some of the most remote and extreme environments in the world, from Antarctica to the Amazon. I have worked with an extensive network of organizations including the BBC, National Geographic, Netflix, Paramount, Science Channel, NHK Enterprises, Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, and UCLA. I have produced a wide range of media experiences from documentaries and educational videos to multimedia art exhibits, virtual reality, and music videos. As both a scientist and an artist, I appreciate the similarites between the two disciplines.

As a web developer, I am the creator of the virtual reality experience, offering a unique digital exploration of the Antarctic Dry Valleys, and I have designed, developed, and coded many other innovative web and mixed-media experiences for science related programs, organizations, and academic institutions. During the early parts of the Covid-19 lockdowns, I created COVID TimeMap,, as an interactive visualization of local and global Covid-19 data mapped across time.

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